News Link: City Tests New Strategy for Deterring Gun Violence, Funding for Region’s Trail Network is Drying Up, Poverty Increases in Suburbs

no text City Tests New Strategy for Deterring Gun Violence 

Philadelphia is testing out a new strategy for reducing gun violence in South Philadelphia. Newsworks reports that the program is called “Focused Deterrence,” and it works by directly learning gang network and targeting individuals most likely to commit violent crimes. [Newswork]


no text Funding for Region’s Trail Network is Drying Up

Plan Philly reports that the last of a $10 million grant from the William Pen Foundation for trail development has been doled out by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. Various advocacy groups are now pushing for the state to commit funds to the region’s trail network. [Plan Philly]

no text Recap of Ignite Philly 

Newsworks recaps Ignite Philly, a night of rapid-fire speeches by Philadelphia’s thinkers and doers. The article includes the audio of every single speech. [Newsworks]


no text Volunteers Help Keep School Libraries Open

City Paper reports that an “army of volunteers” organized by the Free Library are working hard to keep school libraries open despite deep cuts in the School District budget.  [City Paper]


no text  

Poverty Spreading to Suburbs

Sandy Smith, writing for Philadelphia Magazine, reports that recent Census data has revealed that Deep poverty rose by five percent in Delaware County, even as it has declined in Philadelphia. [Philadelphia Magazine]





Posted by Alex Vuocolo on November 8, 2013

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