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New Segment Added to Delaware River Bike Path in Port Richmond

Philadelphia’s bike trails along the Delaware River have grown in increments of a mile or so at a time. The last bike trail segment to be completed, Penn Street Trail, is just a quarter mile long. The segments running south to Washington Avenue are each around one mile long.

Gradually, these trails are joining together and forming a contiguous path for bikers and pedestrians on the waterfront of the Delaware River.

Now, the Port Richmond Trail, which opens tomorrow following a ribbon cutting ceremony, is adding 1.6 miles of trail to the waterfront. The segment will also plug into the East Coast Greenway, a developing network of trails spanning 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida.

The trail was in part funded by the Department of Transportation’s TIGER discretionary grant program. Construction began just over a year ago.

As State Representative John Taylor pointed out at the groundbreaking, Port Richmond has limited access to the waterfront, despite its historic ties to the Tioga Marine Terminal. The new trail will provide access to the river for residents and visitors to the neighborhood.

(Photo via The Circuit)

Posted by Alex Vuocolo on October 28, 2013

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